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Alpha Omega Dog Walking SunderlandWelcome to Alpha Omega  – Dog Walking Sunderland.


Let me first introduce myself to you as a person, not just a dog walking business.


My name is Kris and thats me with JT (the big one) and Dexter (the little one). I have always been passionate about animals since I was a little boy but especially Dogs. I have owned dogs for over 40 years and helped foster and rescue dogs for over 20 years. I seem to be able to bond much better with dogs than I do humans!!! Hence why i became a dog walker. I have trained for many years as a Sports Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer which has enabled me to use my knowledge of peadiatric sports and exercise application to help train all of my dogs into excellent examples of their breeds, which makes dog walking easy.

Why Alpha Omega – Dog Walking Sunderland?

When I first started Alpha Omega – my dog walking service, I wanted to offer other dog owners, quality, safe and affordable dog walking and pet care for their dogs, given by an experienced calm and assertive dog walker.

As well as dog walking, I offer care and training for all dogs from the most Alpha (dominant) to the most Omega (submissive) of dogs. I have had many years of experience of owning and training dogs both large and small and something that became apparent to me a long time ago was that ALL dogs can be well rounded and happy given the right stimulus. The key to a well socialised and mannered dog is to ensure the dogs are given plenty EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE and AFFECTION. In that order. Once a dog understands its place in a pack it can relax and just enjoy every activity, including your own dog walking.

EXERCISE – Exercise or Activity is the key to draining a dogs intense energy levels, so that they can more easily trained or given discipline or rules. Dog walking is excellent to stimulate dogs both mentally and physically.

DISCIPLINE – The word discipline can be misconstrued as it is perceived to be associated with harsh punishment. I prefer the word ‘Structure’, with structure comes acceptance of their place in a pack. To achieve this it is vital to give firm RULES, BOUNDARIES & LIMITATIONS. By not giving them, sets the dog up to fail, which in turn builds confusion, further attempts to please lead to more failure, which downward spirals very quickly.Dog Walking Sunderland Which can make dog walking a chore rather than a pleasure.

AFFECTION – Affection is rewarding for both the dog and the owner, as the dog feels it has achieved success, which gets it more positive attention and ‘in favour’ with the Alpha. And the owner feels calm and happy that they have trained their dog to be a calm and happy member of their pack.

Why use Alpha Omega Dog Walking services?

DOG WALKING – From 30 – 60 mins. Regardless of whether your dog(s) need a short walk or a long trek to drain their energy and to stimulate their mind, I can tailor make walks to suit your pets needs.

DOG RUNNING – If your dog(s) needs higher levels of physical demands to burn their energy and to increase their fitness I can take your dog on a planned distance run.

DOG ADVENTURES – If you dog(s) needs longer walks and adventures why not let me take them on a Dog Adventure Walk.

DOGGY DAY CARE – If your out all day at work or away on a trip and need your dog(s) looked after all day, I can accomodate dogs or puppies for an extended period.

QUICK STOP / PIT STOP – If all your dog(s) need is a quick pit stop visit, to feed, water and toilet (as well as a few cuddles and some play time) I can stop by to say hello.

PET SITTING – If you are going away for a holiday and need your dog(s) looked after for a few days or a few weeks have a look at our pet sitting rates.

PUPPY/DOG TRAINING – Young or old ALL dogs need training – Your puppy needs the right training while still young, to ensure they become a well behaved dog. Adolescent dogs and more mature dogs still benefit from being mentally stimulated through correct training methods.

PET TAXI – If We can also arrange for your dog(s) to be picked up or dropped off at alternate destinations, including; family, the park, the groomers, the vets and more.


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